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Members: Ava Crawford, Cate Crawford, Clark Crawford & Truman Crawford

Years: 2008

Genre: Various


Named such, not because there are four of us and we all share the name, Crawford, but because when we go off, we’re louder than a bomb! This is my side project with the kids and what I hope becomes my playground for forging the greatest power pop trio the world has ever known. Only time will tell.

A-O Let's Go! (2008)

I asked the kids one day if they wanted to write a song with me, and they enthusiastically said, “Yes!” I asked them what they wanted to call it and Truman said, “A-O Let’s Go!” I am pretty sure he had The Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop” on his brain since Mandy and I had been playing lots of Rock Band on the Xbox 360.

Anyhow, I plugged in my Gibson SG and let Truman mess around with it while I recorded him. I took his noodlin’ and edited together a rhythm track and arranged a simple verse-chorus structure.

Next, I added bass, drums, and some melodic guitar to the verse section.

After that, each of the kids got to take a turn chanting the chorus followed by Cate improvising lyrics and a melody. She nailed it, first take!

Ava added a killer xylophone solo and all that was left was the mixing, which I tackled.

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