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Thom Faricraw

Members: Clark Crawford, Brent Fariss & Bill Thompson

Years: 2002-2003

Genre: Modern Music


Thom Faricraw was a fictitious person created by me, Brent Fariss, and Bill Thompson. The three of us met between 1996-1997 while attending Southwest Texas State University, and have been close friends ever since.

We were originally going to use the name to try and land a gig at an AMODA show, but that never happened.

During the summer of 2002, we hosted a series of loft concerts at Bill’s house presenting our new works and as well as those by other like-minded composers. The following year, Mandy and I had the babies, Bill moved to Aberdeen, Scotland to work on his doctorate, and Thom Faricraw ceased operations.

Drones, Phases, and Alchemy (2003)

This disc was compiled from various tracks, most of which were recorded one week at the Harten Center for Underprivileged Sounds.

“Crawford Drone,” “Crawford Phase I,” and “Crawford Phase II” were all three improvised by me and Brent Fariss.

“Thompson Drone” was a solo improvisation performed by Bill Thompson at the SWTSU Recital Hall.

Finally, “Crawford The Alchemist” was commissioned by Brent Fariss and performed by me one evening using Native Instruments Reaktor.

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