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Members: Clark Crawford & Sweet William Brown

Years: 1997

Genre: Electronic


Essentially an inside joke between me, Nathan Wood, and Matt Rollings, Sanchez (pronounced Saun-Shay) was born in late 2007. Matt’s grandmother had the most rambunctious Boston Terrier in the world. His name was “Dude.” She was this sweet and frail little woman and I was completely convinced that Dude was going to knock her down and kill her.

One day, we were visiting her and when we arrived, she had a second Boston Terrier in her house. She claimed it was a runaway that had sought harbor in her home. We asked some more questions and it soon became clear that the dog had walked into her yard and she had coaxed him into her house then shut the door. In other words, she kidnapped the dog. Try as we did, we couldn’t convince her to see things in that manner.

Dude was terrorizing this poor little guy. He was a ball of nerves and clearly not happy with his new surroundings. Matt told her that if she insisted on keeping him we were going to name him Sanchez. She defiantly objected and declared that his name would be Sweet William Brown. We continued calling him Sanchez until she went to bed for the evening when we set him free.

I later co-opted the entire thing as an excuse for an ep.

Sweet Will (1997)

As FLiCK was winding down, I continued cranking out tracks, several of which make up this ep.

“Shaken Baked” actually started off as a FLiCK track but ended up something else entirely. FLiCK did, however, play it live on more than one occasion. The scratching on the track was performed by Jeff Dalehite (aka DJ-JD).


“Mosquito Progress” was another experimentation with combining lush and somber synth pads with loud and obnoxious drum breaks. I took a break one night while working on it and stumbled across a really bad movie about mutant mosquitos. The dialog was so ridiculous, I quickly decided to record a bunch of it and incorporate it into the track.


“Lamron Pie” was written to annoy the piss out of my soap dodging, statutory raping, djembe playing at 4 AM neighbor. Nothing travels through an apartment wall like 65 Hz. Here’s a little “brown sound” for your drum circle, dirt monkey!


“Key Of Z” was the first of what should have been a mr. Harten track. It was selected to go on Face Records’ Texas Electronica Volume 2 compilation shortly before the label went under. Oh well... One of my favorite tracks of this era and indicative of where I would be heading with mr. Harten.

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